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Terms and Conditions

Reference Sheet

For all custom orders, I require at least one clear reference sheet. Including front view, side view (both left and right), and back view along with any markings that need to be clarified. I can provide a blank reference sheet for you as long as you do not erase the water mark.


I require a minimum deposit of 45% of the total cost. The deposit covers the base materials and reserves your commission slot. The 45% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.


After paying the deposit the additional cost can be split into monthly payments or a lump sum. The item will not be shipped to you until the entire amount is paid.


Keep in mind the fit is only as reliable as the measurements so measure at least twice for accuracy. For some items I require a duct tape dummy (DTD).

DTD cannot have any bent knees or arms, it may hurt after while of making it but you MUST make sure you keep your arms and legs out straight for the DTD.

If I require a DTD I will send you instructions on how to do so.

-Time of Completion

I cannot guarantee any time so I do not accept “I need it by ____” or rush orders. I will complete your order as fast as I can but I will take my time is that is what is needed for a quality item.


-Work in Progress

Work in Progress (WIP) pictures will be sent to you regularly for feedback, questions, and requests. I will make the costume as close as possible to your reference sheet as possible. Once work has begun your design given in the reference sheet is locked in and cannot be changed.


I need full legal name and location


-Shipping Cost

I will usually include this in the cost of the item unless shipping internationally in which case the buyer is required to pay all duties and import taxes that are required.

-Cancellations and Refunds

If someone cancels order the 45% deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. If you cancel for any reason I reserve the right to sell whatever I have made from your order, I will alter the design as best I can but there are no promises.

-Loss of Contact and Nonpayment

If the customer for an unknown reason drops out of contact I will reach out through email, phone (text and email), and through any other form of contact given to me. If I do not receive contact for unknown reason for over three months (90 days) I will assume you have canceled your order and I will sell items that I have made. If you do not pay for three months (90 days) I will assume you’ve cancelled your order and will sell your items



Premade items have seven days to inspect for any issues and ship it back. If postmarked within the seven days, you will receive a refund but after seven days become ineligible for refund. Shipping cost will not be refunded.

Custom orders see warranty and repairs.



Custom items come with a three month (90 day warranty). Please inspect everything as soon as you can for any signs of damages during shipments. Within the 90 day warranty I will repair items free of charge.

Care instructions will be provided with costume. These are made to be wearable and durable for at least four years and at most 10 if taken care of properly. These suits are made for walking, running, crouching, sitting, bending, dancing, and other activities. Damage due to improper care or doing anything against care instructions.

Warranty will be void if you alter costume in any way (replacing parts or adding zippers or closures).



Repairs within the 90 day warranty are free of charge. Please do not be afraid to contact me.

For the life of the costume I will provide repair services but for a fee but advice for self repairs are free. If an item gets worn out (hands or feet) for past customers, wiether I'm open for commission or not, will be able to order a replacement.

Fur O'Clock Creations

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