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Star Roogon

Star Roogons (just Roogon for short) are a species I created awhile back. The name can be a bit deceiving as they are not hybrids of kangaroos and dragons the reason for their name derives from the fact female Roogons have pouches like kangaroos.

Defining Species Characteristics:
-Rounded tongue 
-Four wings
-Chibi goat head
-Females have kangaroo pouches
-At least one five-point star on their body at all times
(They can have paws, hooves, long claws, bat-wings, bird-wings, long tails, short tails, multiple tails, be one color or rainbow. Roogons are as unique as you are no two are alike)

Though they are well adapted for colder temperatures they can live in warmer climates, but the environment can change their personality and behavior. Those living in boreal or temperate forest areas tend to be livelier while those in desert areas tend to be lethargic.

-Their behaviors mimic many animals but most notably that of goats. They head butt, jump all over things, and run around in circles for no reason.
-They go through aestivation (hibernation in the summertime) but if they live where the temperature is lower than 60 throughout the year they can possibly stay awake the whole year
-Roogons are curious and that can get them into a lot of trouble if they're not careful
-If they find any animal or human that is injured or sick they will nurse it back to health
-Roogons are social and live in groups called hordes. There are around five to twenty individuals in each horde. If hordes meet they will celebrate and spend days telling stories and interacting with each other before going their separate ways.
-They communicate through vocals and body language and even if you can't understand exactly what they're saying it can be easy to read. The higher the pitch the more excited they are, the lower the pitch the sadder they are, and if they are quiet and still that means they're angry and will attack but they will sometimes give you a warning by stomping their foot as loudly as they can. A quiet Roogon is a dangerous Roogon.

Diet/Eating Habits:
-Roogons are omnivores
-They desire sweets more than other foods
-When collecting fruit a Roogon will climb a tree as the others stand underneath and catch the fruit as they fall.
-When Roogons hunt they wait in trees or under objects so when their prey inters range they can ambush from above or below 
-Roogons have very civil eating habits. When they have gathered their food they put their food into a pile and sit in a circle. Once everyone has food then they begin to eat and never fight over food.

-Females have kangaroo pouches while males do not
-Roogons are asexual and have no genitalia, the only way to tell a “male” from “female” is the pouch
-Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to reproduction if there's enough bond between two males, two females, or a male and female and they want to have a child (known as a kippy) then in spring an egg will appear at night.
-If two males have a kippy egg then they can get a female to hold the egg in her pouch as the horde travels
-Over the summer the egg will develop as the horde aestivates and hatch in the fall as the horde begins to wake up
-Roogons have been known to adopt abandoned baby animals and raise them as their own until they're old enough to live on their own

-Roogons are warm-blooded
-Bone structure is similar to goats
-Roogons have scent glands on their necks, paw/hooves, and wings. When a Roogon rubs these parts on you they're leaving their scent on you. This is both to show affection as well as claim position. Each scent is unique and can inform other Roogons of who they are, how old are they, what gender are they, and how long ago have they been there
-Roogons have poor vision but make up for it with an amazing sense of smell

I finally put this on FA because I hope that other furs can enjoy Roogons and have one of their very own if they want. Hopefully I can have an illustrated version of this soon but as of now I don't know. I will have adoptions and put a ref sheet up later but if you want a Roogon just note me and I can approve the design (basically check to make sure it follows all rules) then you can have an official Roogon.

-Roogons' fur and skin is so thick that bugs can't bite Roogons
-Roogons can only flap one pair of wings while the other remain stiff only tilting like rudders letting them turn in the air like a dime this gives them more maneuverability in the air 
-Roogons will bond with a human, animal, or other Roogon for life

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